List of Reviewed Films

3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy (3D 肉蒲团之极乐宝鉴,2011)
Banquet, The (夜宴,2006)
Big Movies, The (大电影之数百亿,2006)
Blind Massage (推拿,2014)
Chongqing Blues (日照重庆,2010)
Contract, The (租妻,2006)
Courthouse on the Horseback (马背上的法庭,2006)
Curiosity Kills the Cat (好奇害死猫,2006)
Dam Street (红颜,2005)
Dreams May Come (梦想照进现实,2006)
Folk Song Singing (郎在对门唱山歌,2011)
Goddess, The (神女,1934)
I Wish I Knew (海上传奇,2010)
Karmic Mahjong (血战到底,2006)
Knot, The (云水谣,2006)
Laborer’s Love (劳工之爱情,1922)
Loach is Fish Too (泥鳅也是鱼,2005)
Love in the City (男才女貌,2007)
One Foot off  the Ground (鸡犬不宁,2006)
People Mountain People Sea (人山人海,2011)
Perpetual Motion (无穷动,2005)
Piano in a Factory, The(钢的琴,2010)
Red Detachment of Women, The (红色娘子军,1961)
Return Ticket (到阜阳六百里,2011)
Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles (千里走单骑,2005)
Shanghai (谍海风云,2010)
Shanghai Rumba (上海伦巴,2006)
Snowflower and the Secret Fan (雪花秘扇,2011)
Spring in a Small Town (小城之春,1948)
Street Angel (马路天使,1937)
Suzhou River (苏州河,2000)
Touch of Sin, A (天注定,2013)
Tuya’s Marriage (图雅的婚事, 2006)
You and Me (我们俩,2006)


3 Responses to List of Reviewed Films

  1. christoph trestler says:

    Hallo Mr. Shaoyi, just read your notes on xie fei in the black snow dvd – now looking for his other films.
    Also going to try to get your book/publications (chinas new generation … and visual shanghai 27-37). china/shanghai is the first place i am discovering culturally via the cinema (both old – see film and books “amourous history of the silver screen” etc, and recent new xie, jia etc)
    I am coming to shanghai for 4 days end of november, and have the weekend to play with. would like to discover the places/cinemas/tea houses/shadowplays etc mentioned in “silver screen” – or whats left; also would like to get in touch with todays cinema/places/people etc – can you help?
    looking forward to hear from you / my trip etc
    best regards ch.

  2. Quandos says:

    I would be interested to know your thought on Wang’s 1997 Chinese Box? My thoughts here:


  3. Rd As says:

    Distributor need for the feature film like 9/11


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