Featured Articles

This section features some of the English articles (in PDF format) this blogger wrote. The featured articles were originally published either in regular print magazines or in refereed online publications.  To make these articles more useful for interested scholars and students, the blogger also included the original publication information after each link. Your feedback and comments are highly appreciated.

From China with a Laugh: A Perusal of Chinese Comedy Film.” In Roger Garcia ed. Asia Laughs! A Survey of Asian Comedy Films. Udine, Italy: Centro Expressioni Cinematografiche, 2011.

The Exquisite Sadness of Life: Random Thoughts on Xie Fei’s Films.” Essay featured along with the release of the DVD version of Black Snow by the UK-based Second Run DVD, 2007.

Retrospect and Prospect: One Hundred Years of Chinese Cinema. Osian’s Cinemaya: The Asian Film Quarterly, Vol. 1, No. 2 (2006).

Singing in Electric Shadows: A Survey of Chinese Musicals. In Roger Garcia ed. Asia Sings: A Survey of Asian Musical Films. Udine, Italy: Centro Expressioni Cinematografiche, 2006.

Book Review of Medi@sia: Global Media/tion in and out of Context (Eds. by T.J.M. Holden and Timothy J. Scrase; Routledge, 2006); Global Media and Communication, 2008, Vol. 4, No.1.

Book Review of Building a New China in Cinema: The Chinese Left-Wing Cinema Movement, 1932-1937. MCLC (Modern Chinese Literature and Culture), 2007.

Western Mirror and Chinese Identification: Shadow Magic, an Infant’s Problematic Birth. Cinedossier: The 37th Golden Horse Award.  Taipei: 2001.


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