My New Book

April 5, 2018

Film Studies: New Trends in the 21st Century, Shanghai: Fudan University Press, 2018

My new book “Film Studies: New Trends in the 21st Century” has just come out from the Fudan University Press. It’s a timely release as it coincides with the Tomb-Sweeping Season in China, and I dedicated the book to my deceased mother Shizhen Liu, who raised four sons (I am the youngest) in a very difficult period of modern China that was mired by constant wars, hunger, and political disasters.

For the English reader, here is a very brief introduction to the book: as the title suggests, it is a book about film theories of this century (excluding those schools and trends of the last century). To my knowledge, it is the first book of its kind, in both Chinese and English. The book is divided into two major parts: the first part includes 8 chapters, which cover 8 “new trends” in the 21st century, namely “the modernity thesis, screen studies, posthumanism, ecocinema, film phenomenology, industry studies, game studies, and neuroscience and film studies.” The second part includes a few essays I wrote, trying to make use of the above lines of thought (or concepts) to analyze certain Chinese films. Now it’s time for me to move on to another new project, which is about the Sino-US film relations from the early period of cinema to 1950, when China cut all ties with Hollywood after the Communists took power.