CFP: “Interconnecting East Asian Cities” Symposium

August 2, 2015

Interconnecting East Asian Cities and Beyond:
Reframing the Early History of Chinese Cinema

December 18-20, 2015
Shanghai Theatre Academy, Shanghai

Call for Papers


Since its beginning, cinema as a globally embraced visual medium has been innately rooted in cosmopolitan centers that go beyond the political and institutional constraints of the nation-state. While it is by no means power-neutral or power-free, interconnections and cross-cultural/cross-border encounters have long defined the nature of cinema and ultimately played a pivotal role in the making of national film traditions. In this sense, examining a “national” film tradition and its history is also to delineate its interconnected relations and close encounters with the “other.”

Using “transnationalism” and “cosmopolitanism” as core frameworks, the “Interconnecting East Asian Cities and Beyond” symposium, a two-day scholarly exchanges to be held at the Shanghai Theatre Academy from December 18 through 20, 2015, invites submissions that highlight the importance of interconnected-ness and cross-border encounters in the general cultural sphere of East Asia and beyond (in this case, Hollywood as the main geographic center) in rethinking the early history (pre-1949) of Chinese cinema. It especially welcomes submissions that are archive-based researches with an emphasis on cross-border and cross-pacific flows of talents, images, filmic texts, as well as transnational institutions and regulatory mechanisms.

For your submissions to be considered, please send a one-page single-spaced proposal NO LATER than November 22, 2015 to Professor Shaoyi Sun at

Once accepted, each participant is expected to prepare a Power Point presentation in Chinese (if you’ll speak in English) or in English (if you’ll speak in Chinese). The symposium’s official languages are English and Chinese. Although still pending approval, the symposium will in principle take care of all the landing expenses (hotels and meals) of accepted presenters.

Proposal Submission Deadline: Nov. 22, 2015;
Contact and Submission to: Prof. Shaoyi Sun at