My TV Interview on Chinese Cinema of 2014

I was recently interviewed by Los Angeles-based Chinese TV program “LA Living” hosted by Juliette Zhuo, during which we talked about the trends in Chinese cinema of 2014, including the “usual” but still dramatic growth of the Chinese film industry in the past year: box office reaching almost 5 billion US$ (North America: 10 billion US$), number of theater screens reaching 23,600 (North America: close to 40,000), and the largest international market for U.S. films, etc.

For the convenience of non-Chinese speakers, four trends were delineated during the interview: 1) the sustained popularity of romantic comedies/youth films/chic films, as evidenced by Tiny Times IV and The Continent, and many similar “so bad it’s almost good” films; 2) Socially engaged and cinematically daring independent films such as A Touch of Sin and Lou Ye’s Blind Massage; 3) Big-name directors such as Zhang Yimou, John Woo, and Tsui Hark falling in love with historical dramas, with Tsui Hark most successful at the box-office; 4) Hard to categorized filmmaker Jiang Wen releasing his controversial, half-musical-and-half-thriller satire Gone with the Bullets, sequel of his box-office miracle Let the Bullet Fly. It became the most-talked-about work among Chinese movie buffs as the year of sheep draws near.

Part I of the interview was originally aired on LA Channel 18, January 26, 2015 (above, first You Tube link), and Part II (above, second You Tube link) was first aired on January 30, 2015.


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