“China Onscreen Biennial” Returns to the U.S.

“The China Onscreen Biennial” (COB; 银幕中国双年展) returns to the United States in an expanded second edition October 17 – November 14, 2014.

The 2014 COB will showcase some of the best new films and media arts from China, highlighting the multiplicity of voices, emerging and established, that have made China arguably the world’s most dynamic film and media environment today.

A curated slate of film screenings, visual art and talks will launch citywide in Los Angeles on October 17, after which selections from the program will travel to Washington, DC and Hawaii through November 14.

Acclaimed Sixth Generation director Wang Xiaoshuai (王小帅) opens the second COB with his latest work and the sole Chinese film to debut in the main competition at Venice this year, Red Amnesia (闯入者; West Coast Premiere, 2014).

Diao Yinan's 2014 Berlinale Golden Bear winner "Black Coal, Thin Ice"

Diao Yinan’s 2014 Berlinale Golden Bear winner “Black Coal, Thin Ice”

Closing Film honors goes to Diao Yinan (刁亦男) and his Berlinale Golden Bear winner Black Coal, Thin Ice (白日焰火; West Coast Premiere, 2014).

This year’s COB also features two auteur homages: a Tribute to Wu Tianming (吴天明), the late, accomplished director who, as chief of the Xi’an Film Studio in the 1980s, nurtured the groundbreaking cinema of the Chinese Fifth Generation; and Jiang Wen (姜文): Let the Movies Fly, a salute to the actor-director who has blazed a path of maverick glory through nearly three decades of Chinese filmmaking.

For details of the program and show time, please visit The China Onscreen Biennial.


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