My LA 18 Interview on the 86th Oscars

March 6, 2014

Well, the Oscars hoopla was finally over in the uncharacteristically drenched city of Los Angeles. It turns  out that most of my predictions were correct, with the exception of the Best Picture and Best Supporting Actress. I guess the legacy of slavery is just too overwhelming in American psyche to be ignored. This remains true to lots of self-important Academy members. On the one hand, they hope cinema is viewed as an unique art form and sometimes only has entertaining value, but on the other, it is also hoped that cinema could at least bring some changes to society and make an impact on politics, social progress, and people’s everyday life. This is, to me, the major reason as to why 12 Years A Slave triumphed over Gravity at the 86 Oscars (same reasoning also applies to the Best Supporting Actress pick).

Before the results were officially announced at the ceremony on March 2, 2014, I did a two-part interview with LA 18, a Los Angeles-based international TV channel. The first interview was on the nominated best pictures in general (9 of them), and the second was my predictions of the major Oscars, including the Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Animation, Foreign Language film, etc.

Thanks to producer Juliette Zhuo, who was the hostess of the two-part program, the interviews have been uploaded onto You Tube. Sorry it is in Chinese. For those who understand Chinese or just for curiosity reasons, go ahead and play the above videos.