Asian Cinema Workshop at NTU, Singapore

April 3, 2013

The Asian Cinema Workshop at Nanyang Technological University

April 25-26, 2013, Singapore

Organized by the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, the “Asian Cinema Workshop: Strategizing and Modeling Space in Asian Films” will be held in Singapore from April 25 through 26, 2013. More than 17 Asian cinema scholars from around the world will present their most recent studies of Asian cinema at the workshop.

The Asian Cinema Workshop Logo

The Asian Cinema Workshop Logo

This workshop will explore not just the edges but the core of Asian Cinema space – its area of ground, its geography and architecture, its culture and aesthetics, its science and technology, its people and environment, it’s thought and ethics. The idea of space therefore covers a spectrum of concepts and ideas, uses and applications within the cinematic medium and the field of film studies. The purpose of the workshop is to examine the ways and manner of how Asian filmmakers think about and consume space as an energy and aesthetic field. Space is not a vacant, abstract entity but may be considered more like putty in the hands of an artist or a craftsperson that can be shaped and modeled. In considering space and its deployment in Asian films, we may begin to grasp a fundamental pattern of Asian distinctiveness in Asian Cinema. Through scholarly analyses, this pattern of distinctiveness may lead to a greater acknowledgement and recognition of Asian Cinema as a unified theoretical field that can be compared with Hollywood and European Cinema. Indeed, Asian Cinema is a growing area of interest and study that elicits not merely intellectual curiosity but eager scholarship. The workshop seeks to build upon and expand this scholarship and to establish Asian Cinema as a branch of learning that is indispensable in film studies as a whole.

The theme of space will essentially serve as a platform for scholars to assess the state of Asian film scholarship today and to push analysis further into new approaches and directions. Scholars and panelists were invited to give papers on the topic of space based on the theme of strategizing and modeling space. Space in this instance should be taken as a broad zone or locality where research can be undertaken on a wide range of subjects including geography, architecture, history, science, technology, animation, identity, sexuality, nationalism, political economy, cultural economy, cultural studies, genres, cinematography, and authorship. Interdisciplinary methods and approaches are encouraged.

The workshop is open to the public. For detailed information about the program, registration, and presenters, please visit the official site of the workshop HERE.