“New Media and Cultural Transformation” Conference Program

Organized by Shanghai University’s School of Film-TV & NYU Shanghai, the “New Media and Cultural Transformation: Film, Television, Game, and Digital Communication” conference was held from Dec. 8 to 9, 2012 at Shanghai University’s International Conference Hall. Its aim was to open the doors to an interdisciplinary examination of new media and its implications for the arts and communication in the 21st century. With a broad focus on cinema, television, gaming, and communication, the conference attracted more than 80 submissions and, after selection, it invited more than 50 scholars and graduate students to present their recent research on a variety of topics related to the conference theme. The keynote speakers were:

Steven Shaviro (Wayne State University, USA):
“Post-Continuity: Digital Aesthetics and Mainstream Hollywood Film”

Huang Mingfen (Xiamen University)
“Redundancy Media and Redundancy Society”

Marita Sturken (New York University, USA)
“Documenting the Self from Kodak to Facebook”

Tain-Dow LEE (Shih Chien University, Taiwan)
“Screens and Windows: Digital Media and Nomadized Affect”

For the detailed conference program, please download it HERE. For an independent appraisal of the conference, please visit VCinema Podcast and Blog, an enthusiast site which covers Asian film.


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