4th Bengaluru International Film Festival

Scooter, major transportation means in Bengaluru, India, 8 rupees per kilometer

A few words about life in Bengaluru, India: It is an interesting place, full of people and traffic congestion. The weather is quite nice, and the people are friendly, helpful, and nice in general. I haven’t started traveling, but director Xie Fei told me that there is not much to see in the city, with the exception of a few colonial palaces (including the Bengaluru Palace) and temples. My immediate impression is that there are many bank branches and scooters, and the infrastructure is in poor condition, with narrow roads and old buildings badly in need of widening and repairing. The place is surprisingly full of Christian churches and Hindu temples.

The festival is so far a successful one, with nice people and manageable schedule and relatively focused venues. It is developing a character, which is more or less focused on political films, or films that deal with sensitive or controversial subjects. Two countries seem to be greatly featured: Israel and Poland. I watched several Israeli films and was particularly fascinated with the film Lebanon, which recounts Israel’s 1982 invasion of its northern neighbor through soldiers’ eyes. The film won the top prize at the 2009 Venice International Film Festival.


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