Jin Guanjun (金冠军), 1948-2011

Jin Guanjun (1948-2011), Executive Dean of School of Film-TV, Shanghai University

Jin Guanjun departed this world in the late hours of Monday October 17, 2011. He was the founding Executive Dean of the School of Film-TV of Shanghai University, China. Under his dynamic and groundbreaking leadership, Shanghai University’s School of Film-TV has evolved from a scratch program to one of China’s top-notch professional schools in film, TV, and communication studies, with both PhD and Master’s programs in Film Studies, Communication Studies, and Art History. Besides his own research, which is demonstrated in a number of published/edited books and articles, Dean Jin is mostly remembered as a skilled, passionate, and farsighted administrator. His ability in attracting and uniting a diverse group of scholars and talents in their pursuit of scholarly endeavors was unmatchable. His tireless working style, dedication, and charisma were the major reasons for some of the most promising film and communication scholars in China to willingly gather together under his leadership.

Dean Jin’s influence was beyond border. Anne Misawa, associate professor and director of University of Hawaii’s SMART Exchange Program, a joint film workshop Dean Jin helped to establish between UH and Shanghai University, wrote in her message to the Shanghai University community: “We are deeply moved after hearing the news of Dean Jin’s passing. We want to convey our condolences to you, his family, and the Shanghai University community. We had a simple, but heartfelt memorial for Dean Jin tonight and sent him our great appreciation for his efforts and support of all the students, and also for the SMART Exchange program. We have very good memories of Dean Jin as our dear friend and will carry them with us”.

A memorial service will be held at Shanghai’s Longhua Funereal Hall (龙华殡仪馆) on October 23 (Sunday), 2011, starting at 3pm. For further information, please call the School office at (+86-21) 56331396. All who knew and loved him are welcome.

Dean Jin is survived by his wife and loving daughter. He has already been missed by the whole scholars community in film and communication studies, his friends, and his family. He will be forever missed.


2 Responses to Obituary

  1. I am stunned and deeply saddened to hear of the sudden departure of Dean Jin. I will never forget meeting him, and the impression he left on me as an exceptionally bright, creative, caring man of action. He immediately melted any barriers that language and different culture can place in the way. He did this through his personable way of being.

    To his dear friend and close colleague, Shaoyi Sun, and to his family, friends, and colleagues, please accept my sympathy and wishes of courage during this difficult time. His work and life will live on and inspire others around the globe because he and his life’s work are unforgettable.

  2. Jiwei Xiao says:

    Hi Shaoyi,
    I wandered into your blog site just now. It was such a shock to hear the passing away of Jin Laoshi. He seemed well in 2010 at that Nanjing conference we went to. I had hoped to meet him again sometime in Shanghai. What a loss.


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