Top 10 Box Office Chinese Films of 2009

Top 10 Box Office Chinese Films of 2009

As Hollywood’s domestic box-office total topped US$10 billion in 2009, China’s domestic box office also hit all-time high in the same year. Chinese cinemas raked in 6.206 billion yuan (close to 1 billion U.S. dollars) in box-office revenue in 2009, according to the Film Bureau of the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT), an increase of 43% compared to the 2008 figure. The number of feature films produced in 2009 reached 456. The total box office revenue of home-made feature films accounted for 56.6% of the yearly total.

"A Simple Noodle Story" (2009), Zhang Yimou's take on Coen Brothers' debut "Blood Simple" (1984)

As more urban Chinese are accustomed to going to the cinema, 90 new cinemas with more than 386 new screens were added in 2009. Mainland China now has 1,635 professional cinemas with 4,483 screens in total.

The following is the list of the Top 10 Box Office Chinese Films of 2009 (in Chinese yuan):

1.    The Foundering of a Republic (建国大业; d. Han Sanping & Huang Jianxin); domestic box office (dbo): 420 million yuan;
2.    Bodyguards and Assassins (十月围城; d. Teddy Chen); dbo: 274 million yuan;
3.    Red Cliff II (赤壁2; d. John Woo); dbo: 260 million yuan;
4.    A Simple Noodle Story (三枪拍案惊奇; d. Zhang Yimou); dbo: 256 million yuan;
5.    The Message (风声; d. Chen Guofu & Gao Qunshu); dbo: 224 million yuan;
6.    City of Life & Death (南京南京! d. Lu Chuan); dbo: 168 million yuan;
7.    Look for a Star (游龙戏凤; d. Wai Leung Lau); dbo: 113 million yuan;
8.    Crazy Racer (疯狂的赛车; d. Ning Hao); dbo: 109 million yuan;
9.    On His Majesty’s Secret Service (大内密探零零狗; d. Wong Jing); dbo: 103 million yuan;
10.    Sophie’s Revenge (非常完美; d. Jin Yimeng); dbo: 96 million yuan.


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  1. les acteurs vivent grâce à nos aides généreuses… si on leur demande de faire des films pour vendre sinon ils ne touchent plus rien, je pense qu’on connait la réponse

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