Back to China

Going back to China, but Unsure Whether the Site Could Be Updated

I’ll be flying back to Shanghai, China tomorrow (Dec. 13, 2009). I was hoping I’ll be able to update the site as frequently as possible, but my hope has been partially dashed as my friends in China told me that it’s impossible to open the page in China. The notorious “Great FireWall” of China must be behind this. I hope my friends were wrong, as I still remain cautiously optimistic that it is only caused by some technical problems.  If the site is not updated in two weeks, then the reader should assume it’s not because of my laziness, but due to the “Great FireWall”. If this happens, well, what can I say? That would only indicate there is a long way to go for China to really “rise”.

James Cameron's Avatar (2009)

There is another thing I will miss when I am in China: the movies. I’m talking about this ground breaking James Cameron saga Avatar. The film will open in China two weeks after its US premiere (Jan. 2, 2010). This film has to be appreciated in a nice theater, with great sound and 3-D projection. Although Shanghai is supposed to be a world-class city, its cinemas are not so good in terms of sound and 3-D projection. I saw Transformer II in Shanghai this past summer and the experience was simply a disaster. It was in Shanghai’s Film Art Center, supposedly a first-class venue, but the sound was unbearable and the image was simply not bright enough to see the details. God, I paid 90RMB (US$14) for this crap! So, that’s why I say I will miss all the good movies and movie-watching experience here when I am in China. Luckily, I’ll be back in several months.


One Response to Back to China

  1. Curt says:

    The Great Firwalls has blocked youtube, facebook, twitter and other sensitive webistes. It seems that your wordpress is blacklisted as well.



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